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At the heart of innovation, we lead the way in providing wholesale Data and Voice SIM solutions for Wholesalers, MIFI Rental companies, Virtual SIM providers, SIM Box operators, and SIM & device rental companies.

Exceptional Products Unmatched Support

Explore top-quality products at Global Data WiFi, offering diverse options to meet your specific needs. With leading mobile carriers, cutting-edge technology, and a skilled team, we ensure absolute satisfaction.

Consider us the driving force behind your business engine, allowing you to concentrate on sales growth. Seamlessly providing Local and International Data plans, we reduce costs and elevate the service level for your customers.

Local Sim Solutions

Discover 50+ local single-country SIMs with hassle-free pre and post-paid options

Global Roaming Flexibility

Choose from diverse roaming solutions for multiple countries, all without the burden of long-term commitments

Tailored to Your Needs

No matter the scale, we handle volumes effortlessly – from thousands of SIMs to as few as 20

Swift and Far-reaching

Our supply times are short, and our coverage extends across nearly every country

Test with Confidence

Experience worry-free exploration with our test SIMs, available with no contractual commitment. Try before you commit – your satisfaction is our priority.

Elevating Connectivity, Ensuring Satisfaction

At Global Data WiFi, we offer premium products with diverse options, ensuring your satisfaction. With leading mobile carriers, advanced technologies, and a skilled team, we empower your business growth. Seamlessly providing Local and International Data plans, we enhance service levels and reduce costs.

Your Peace of Mind Our Priority

We are committed to providing a comprehensive solution to meet your local and roaming needs, especially during peak seasons or special events.

Our extensive network collaborates directly with operators and local representatives across continents and countries.

Exclusively serving industry professionals, we specialize in delivering robust trading agreements for your local or roaming SIM requirements. As an established entity, we prioritize your confidence without pushing any particular technology.

Seamless Connectivity

Our services offer tailored solutions for local and roaming connectivity

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